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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 9, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new england patriot tom brady. the new twist, donald trump's latest version of "apprentice" takes on america's jobless crisis. in a minute, we'll speak with the donald about a new show. >> i will [ bleep ] out of here, okay? an inmate loses it on a judge and his reason why is stunning. at this hour, arkansas, kansas and missouri are bracing for potentially dangerous weather. this as remnants of tropical storm hermine charge into the central region of the country. let's take a look at some of the flooding of the video with up to nine inches of rain drenching southern tarant county and also created four tornadoes in the dallas area. at this point, two deaths are blamed on this awful weather. the weather channel julie martin has the latest out of dallas.
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>> texans still reeling after a wild weather day yesterday brought by hermine. the day started off with widespread flash flooding and to my west in arlington a number of high-water rescues and an apartment building that was literally under water and, fortunately, no fatalities there. but come rush hour, tornadoes started dropping out of the sky. this is the end result of one of those twisters. this one came through the heart of the city about 6:15 last evening targeting this industrial area and that 18-wheeler was spun around 180 degrees before it slammed into that warehouse and that warehouse, by the way, was housing some hazardouses chemicals, paint materials. so this was also a hazmat scenes as of last evening. fortunately, no one seriously hurt, including the truck driver there as a result of these twisters. by the way, at least four reported throughout the dallas ft. worth area. so, the worst of the weather from hermine has now moved on
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and we could see some showers and thunderstorms here today, but nothing like what texans dealt with as of yesterday. hermine is now moving on through oklahoma and targeting oklahoma, arkansas and even missouri in the hours to come. i'm julie martin, tamron, back to you. right now that system is moving through oklahoma, where it's also causing floods and tornadoes. let's get the latest on the situation there. weather channel chris warren is live in sand springs, oklahoma. chris, what are you seeing there? >> well, right now, tamron, we're seeing light drizzle at times. little right rain here and there. the worst of it does appear to be over and oklahoma for the most part during the overnight hours did not fair nearly as bad as texas. again, some puddles we have right here. i'm west of tulsa and there were some spots where we did have some pretty heavy rain. in east central oklahoma, the radar estimates 10 to 12 inches of rain. so, with that, some businesses were flooded.
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there were some roads washed out and then the storm moving into arkansas. also getting some reports there of having to have some water rescues going on. but from where we are right now west of tulsa, not a whole lot going on. more than just a little bit of light rain, some puddals and we have some wet streets out here. that's the good news that tropical storm, what's left of it, the leftovers from hermine is really starting to weaken. we could still see two to four inches, but, overall, things will be getting better in the next few days. >> thank you, chris. it is now one of the most destructive fires in colorado history. the wildfire scorching the canyons near boulder has destroyed at least 135 homes over three days. we're told some of the 3,500 evacuees will finally be allowed back into their homes some time this afternoon. officials say firefighters only have 10% of that huge fire contained. and several new developments this morning concerning the plans by a pastor of a small church in florida to burn copies
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of the koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks saturday. the fbi is warning that there is credible information of possible retaliation against the pastor and those who attend this planned burning. also today, president obama added his voice to the chorus of those condemning the plan to burn copies of that muslim holy book calling it a stunt that is completely contrary to our values as americans. more on the president in a moment. but, first, let's go to nbc kerry sanders live at the pastor's church in gainesville, florida. a lot of dynamics here, including you have a game, a huge football game not very far from there on saturday, the same day as the planned burning. >> so, the security is of top concern here and at the tau stadium. let's talk about this location first. today, the gainesville police department established a checkpoint where everybody who comes and goes to this field which is next to a cow pasture has to stop, give their driver's license and they wrote down the
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information and also wrote down the tag number of the car and a short distance away on a light pole, they actually put up a security camera, which is tied back to the folks at the police department in gainesville so they can monitor everything visually that's going on out here. then, as you mentioned on the same day, on 9/11, there is going to be a football game here in town. this is home to the university of florida, and university of south florida is coming to play the university of florida. estimated 90,000 people will add to the community here to go to that game. security is always high at the stadium, it's primarily handled by the university police, but under this case, the university police not only at that location, but the local police at this location are getting assistance from the state police, as well as from the department of homeland security. so, a lot of attention on all of this. all of that goes to whether pastor jones plans to burn these korans as he says he is going to do. we had an opportunity to talk to him about are you beginning to
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change your mind? you heard the white house has spoken out and the state department has spoken out and the folks from the military, the pentagon has spoken out. he says he's waiting for a message from his god to tell him. this is a little bit more of my conversation with pastor jones. >> the burning of the koran is to call the attention that something's wrong. something is wrong. it is possibly time for us in a new way to actually stand up, confront terrorism. there is something very much wrong with our policies. >> and so we hear from pastor jones, who we have not seen here today. he may be in the church, he may not be. we do know that he has a scheduled interview with a local conservative radio station and i'm told that the pastor's son may come out and speak on behalf of his father today. of course, the associate pastor has spoken, as well.
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all seem to be in lock step with his belief that burning the koran is sending an important message. tamron, clearly, a lot of pressure here to give you sort of an example of who's showing up here to try to meet with the pastor. the association of evangelical ministers showed up. they said they represent 430 members from around the world. they came here to say, please don't do this. we have, we have missionaries around the world. they'll be targeted. so, a lot of attention. >> kerry, couple things here. senator john mccain just tweeted saying pastor jones' threats to burn the koran will put american servicemen and women in danger. for their sake, please don't do it. sarah palin tweeted yesterday a similar message about this event and just to fast forward and clarify here, pastor jones willing to talk with the president or maybe some other leaders to rethink, what did he tell you? >> he told actually usa today
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following my interview. in my interview he said he's waiting for a message from his god. in a follow-up interview he did with "usa today" he said he could be influenced if he heard from the white house, the state department or the pentagon. i don't believe he expects a phone call from the president of the united states, but perhaps direct communication from somebody in the government may be enough to cause him to change that. it's unclear, though. at least fair to say, tamron, unpredictable on all levels with this minister. >> kerry, thank you very much. as we mentioned, the president is warning of backlash against americans, if this planned koran burning takes place. here's what the president said. >> this is a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. you could have serious violence in places like pakistan or afghanistan. this could increase the recruitment of individuals who'd
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be willing to blow themselves up in american cities or european cities. >> nbcathena jones at the white house. john mccain just tweeting in the last few minutes and you have this pastor saying perhaps if a liaison or the president might reach out, he ght rethink this. any chance of that happening? >> well, good morning, tamron. no indication from the white house that that sort of thing could happen but this whole situation is very unpredictable. we heard the president faulking about how this could be a big recruitment bonanza for groups like al qaeda. as commander in chief of the u.s. forces this is a concern that it could harm u.s. troops abroad in afghanistan and iraq. while this pastor may not suffer any tough legal ramifications for burning the koran. president obama said this would go against american values and he hopes that this pastor will reconsider. he says if pastor jones is really motivated by his faith, as he says he is and has been
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praying about this, as he says he is, he will listen to what obama called the better angels and decide not to engage in this destructive act. we heard secretary of state hillary clinton condemn this act and the british government released a statement denouncing it. they're just all hoping that this pastor decides not to burn the koran. we have seen already protests already around the world. in some ways, much of the damage may have been done. as they say, it's hard to unring a bell. you can't unring a bell. the idea is out there and people already know that this plan is in place. >> all right, thank you very much. live at the white house for us, thank you. the mom behind the proposed islamic community center and mosque at ground zero is behind. she is also warning of a possible violent backlash from muslim extremists at the site of the community center and mosque is changed. he spoke on cnn last night.
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>> if we move from that locat n location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. the headlines in the muslim world will be that islam is under attack. and unless some of the radicals in america, then i'm concerned with the radicals in the muslim world. >> the imam said if he had known an advanced facility would create such tension he would have prlanned to build it else where. quarterback tom brady was involved in a pretty serious car accident this morning in boston. the patriots confirm. brady was not hospitalized and is expected to show up for practice later today. nbc affiliate hdh in boston reports brady's sedan hit a minivan after the driver of that minivan ran a red light. the passenger in one vehicle was taken to the hospital with minor
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injuries. some positive economic news this morning, first-time claims for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, dropping to a two-month low. also, america's trade deficit narrowed significantly in july as exports climb to the highest level in two years. joining me now, cnbc senior analyst ron ensana. let's talk about the claims for first-time jobless benefits. >> there was a time when claims got back up to 500,000 and the long-term unemployment benefits have been climbing recently. we are starting to see those come down, as well. a welcome bit of news on the job's front. it does not show us, however, we're creating number jobs on a monthly basis to sustain labor force and popules growation gro. we're still shy of that number.
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it's a good number and we'll take it. main street will take it, as well. >> speaking of wall street, let's look at how things are shaping up this thursday morning. s&p is up and nasdaq, as well. is this because of this report or other factors, ron? >> it didn't hurt. some of the concerns about europe's fiscal crisis seem to be abating today just as they surfaced earlier in the week. seasonal factors, tamron, that play into investor strength here. around september or so the market tends to bottom out and typically move higher into april of the following year. we're also heading into the third year of a presidential cycle, which is very positive and that's a plus. and we have good corporate profit numbers that have been supporting stock prices and we're still stuck in a range and not breaking out and not breaking down and like the economy, we seem to be looking for new answers that will us in one direction or another. >> thanks for joining me, ron.
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>> sure. fidel castro has some interesting words in an interview. what he is saying now. and former president bill clinton has some tough words for his fellow democrats. just eight weeks before the mid-term elections. what is mr. clinton saying? but, first, donald trump talks about the new season of "the apprentice" and how the struggling economy is playing a bilge role in the show. live picture of donald trump. he joins us, next ppt hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices? sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. i can't hear you because i'm also making you a smoothie.
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many of the best and brightest are out of work due to this economic downturn we're all seeing. real estate man and mogul donald trump is taking season ten of "apprentice" appearing next week focuses on 16 candidates who are
11:18 am
looking for work. contestants range from college grads looking for work to men and women who lost their jobs recently. thank you for joining me, mr. trump. >> good morning, tamron. i heard you're getting your own show and it's a biggy. you're the opposite of the people on "the apprentice." you're going up, that's great. >> you're very kind to say that. thank you veryapprentice" appea 2004. you're focusing on everyday people and some are ivy league graduates like the 15 million people out there. >> we had a great run on "the aprends" frankly celebrity has been a great success. piers morgan just got the larry king spot. we wanted to go back to show how bad the economy is and what happened with the economy and these are people that are down and out, the exact opposite of
11:19 am
you, tamron. they're down and out, they're really in trouble and looking for jobs. some of them have great educations, great jobs and they have nothing right now. one man has five children, a wife. he had a good income, he has absolutely no income right now. so, i've put them on and we've really put them on the spot. we have 16 contestants and they have been amazing. >> a lot of people would say here you are, donald trump, a billionaire and you wouldn't be able to understand or identify with some of the problems out there but you're talking one-on-one with these people and you're hearing the problems. how hard it is to get a job right now. >> i see the economy and i watch the economy and i see how bad it is. it's not even their fault. i would say in virtually every one of the instances we have the 16 people, it's not their fault. they were let go because of an economy that is horrible. opec is disd strestroying this and we allow it to happen and we have frankly people represented
11:20 am
in some form. what is hapening to the country is really happening to these people. you have these people, they're down and out and a very amazing story as to resilience and never quitting, never giving up. >> it's interesting, you say these people are not giving up and you have some lawmakers and others who say the folks who are out of work are there because they want to be, they're not trying, they're depending on unemployment benefits but from what you're saying the people on this show, they're desperate, they want to get out there and work. >> well, we had tens of thousands of people who were trying to get on the show. some it was their fault and they weren't doing well and you can blame yourself also. we picked 16 people where it was not their fault and it was an economic problem in the country. when it went to number one for many, many weeks and it was a great success, but the country was doing well. it was go, go, at least everybody thought it was doing well. it was doing well. now, the country is doing horribly. just absolutely horribly and nbc
11:21 am
and mark burnett and myself wanted to show real-life situations of what's happening currently and that's why despite the great success of celebrity apprentice, which is coming back in the spring, we decided to do this. we had a lot of fun with it. but it's really very sad when you look at what's happening. >> timing is everything and it looks like you picked the right time to bring back "apprentice" and share what folks are going through. that's really what makes it good to see on the show. >> you never know about that. i tell you, we have some real characters. i think it will be inspirational for a lot of people. >> thank you very much, mr. trump, greatly appreciate it. be sure to watch the season premiere of "the apprentice" one week from today that is next thursday night, 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central only on nbc. the drug war in mexico has taken the life of a third mayor this month. what secretary of state hillary cl clinton is saying about the violence ahead.
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in a tight race against a tea party favorite. the latest on that race coming up. we want to know what you think of any of the stories we're covering today. go to [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision.
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♪ in today's tech watch, general motors is getting into the social networking game. the detroit free press says gm's onstar program will soon offer in-car connections to facebook and text messaging. subscribers can choose to have messages read to them and respond to their facebook and text accounts through voice commands. the service is expected to launch in mid-september. and an unlikely source is criticizing cuba's communist economic model fidel castro. in a rare interview, the cuban leader reportedly admits the model he put it place half a century ago no longer works for
11:26 am
cuba. in that same interview that castro, mahmoud ahmadinejad for what he called his anti-semettic attitude and denying the holocaust. for the third time in a month a mexican mayor has been killed by suspected gang hitmen. masked gunmen burst into the office of alexander garcia and opened fire in the presence of visitors. this came on the same day that secretary clinton said the country is looking more like what colombia looked like 20 years ago. clinton responded by saying mexico's struggle against power drug cartels shows an insurgency that challenges the government's control of its own soil. and 14 weeks after he disappeared, kyron horman's family plans to mark the missing boy's 8th birthday. the latest on the search for kyron. and how google wants to get
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today is kyron horman's 8th birthday. the family of the oregon boy who has been missing since june, they still plan to celebrate his birthday. tomorrow marks 14 weeks since kyron was last seen. his disappearance launched the most massive search in oregon's history, but it has turned up few clues at this point. nbc miguel has been following the story and joins us live from portland. this is a blended family, like so many others and they always celebrated kyron's birthday two birthdays and they're kind of going ahead with their plans. >> that's correct, tamron. a celebration for kyron's birthday today in medford, a city just a few hours away from here in portland where he grew up and one in portland later on this weekend.
11:31 am
kyron would have turned 8 today and also would have started the third grade. over the last several months we've seen this wall of hope, which has been dedicated to kyron kind of built throughout the weeks where folks can come and leave notes. they have left flowers and messages for kyron to let him know that he is still part of this community and they're aware he's still out there and they're still thinking of him and, most importantly, they're still holding out hope. despite the best effort of investigators there is no sign of kyron since the day he vanished. this would have been a day of celebration for his parents, instead, a painful reminder of their ongoing nightmare. their son disappeared from school back on june 4th shortly after his stepmom told terri horman that she dropped him off. police never named a suspect but kyron's biological parents always pointed the finger at terri horman. now, horman's lawyer called that speculation a witch-hunt, although the hormans appear to be at the center, terri horman
11:32 am
at the center, even though the 8-year-old hasn't been seen in months, walls like this wall continues to grow which is a clear sign that he is clearly in the thoughts of so many people who live in this community, tamron. >> miguel live in portland, thanks. former president bill clinton is warning voters not to give into "anger, apathy and amnesia." he made the remarks while stumping for blanche lincoln. most polls have senator lincoln badly trailing republican opponent congressman john bozeman. clinton served as governor of arkansas for 12 years. the senate race in colorado being watched nationally. michael bennett is now criticizing one of the president's new economic proposals that was just unveiled this week. senator bennett is running against john harwood is chief washington correspondent is in boulder for us.
11:33 am
good to see you, john. >> tamron, it's a beautiful scene here in boulder, although the fire may produce some smoke later that obscures these mountains behind me, but this race is really capturing in microcosm the national debate for the senate and the house, as well. michael bennet and the campaign apparatus want you to think one thing about ken buck. he's an extremist and ken buck wants you to think of bennet as the bennet/obama economy. i talked to both candidates yesterday and from ken buck, yeah, i got tea party support, but they're just trying to change the subject from the economy and michael bennet said, yes, i supported the president on stimulus, but not on this new $50 billion for infrastructure. take a listen. >> i think he's got it right until the $50 billion in new infrastructure. look, i'd love to be investing in infrastructure just like everybody else would like to be. people in colorado, the way we
11:34 am
see it, if we're going to be spending money on infrastructure, we ought to use the money that was in the first stimulus that hasn't yet been spent. >> the tea party gave me a lot of support, as did the 9/12 groups and liberty groups and other groups. we really had a grassroots campaign. it has been on all our literature and all our signs and i continue to talk about how ken buck is the grassroots candidate and michael bennet fits into that d.c. establishment frame work very well. they're creating something to make sure they don't have to deal with issues that the people of colorado want to hear about and those issues are jobs and the economy and spending and they continue to try to splay in another sand box. >> so, there you see, tamron, ken buck trying to make sure he's not tar would the extremist label run to the center a little bit and michael bennet making sure he's not too closely tied to president obama. >> all right, john, thank you very much.
11:35 am
i apologize in that delay responding to you, john. big breaking news out of iran. iran's culture minister said one of the three americans jailed for more than a year will be released. we don't know which of the americans. right now shane bauer who is 27 and sarah and john are in custody in iran. they were arrested last july after accidentally entering iran from iraq. but now we are hearing reports that one of the jailed hikers will be released. we do not know which one. the parent of the hikers were able to meet them earlier in the summer in hopes of bringing their children back to the states. they were not allowed, obviously, to be released at that time. but this has been an ongoing plea from the families and state department and others for the release. we know now that one of the americans will be released. our tehran bureau chief is working on this story and we hope to have more information for you here shortly. in today's scoop, google says a change to its search engine can save days of your life.
11:36 am
actor will smith's daughter is taking up the family business and justin bieber is the twitter king. let's get more scoop from courtney hazlett. >> i love how justin bieber makes you smile. >> it's like -- baby, baby, baby. >> your average google search takes about nine second. type in what you're looking for and it takes about nine seconds to get your results. google unrolled this new method of search that auto fills as you types. guessing what it is you're actually looking for. funny experiment that was pointed out to me earlier just to show what it does, for example, if you want to type in the word wear and then the letter d. the first thing that comes up is where does justin bieber live? a lot of people looking for justin bieber followed only by where does oil come from. these are the two big things on people's minds. but supposed to save about two
11:37 am
hours of your life, i believe, every year. time saving, we all need to save time. so, also, a lot of people are talking today about will and jada picket smith's daughter, willow. she's 9 years old. >> she looks like a little rocker. >> she seems to be channeling e rihanna and her singing. she released a new song, a single called "whip my hair." it does sound for all the world a lot like rihanna and the lyrics are i whip my hair back and forth. there are some lyrics in there that maybe you might think aren't appropriate for a 9-year-old to be saying and is it appropriate to be thrusting a 9-year-old into this pop singing career so young. >> haven't there been other 9-year-old pop singers -- >> actually on "america's got talent" there's a 10-year-old who is advancing to the next round. kind of a funny debate going on. when it's on a platform, it's a reality show, it's something easier to swallow than
11:38 am
something -- >> some people think that will smith's dotser too young to have her career going. >> or she is acing in an age that is not age appropriate. you don't have to have this single that is so mature sounding. we have the audio link there for you. >> child actors and singers. >> they seem to be growing up so, so quickly. maybe hold off on the music career. but other young music stars, justin bieber who we mentioned earlier, he now takes up 3% of twitter servers at any given time. just to show you how, people say, why do you cover justin bieber all the time, because everybody is talking about justin bieber and tweeting and looking for more information on him. he has over 5 million twitter followers. two servers just to handling justin bieber's traffic. >> it's incredible. >> what a platform he has. >> it's not just kids. he's got adult women fans that really follow him, as well.
11:39 am
>> right. because he's turn under to something of a family event. if your kid is following justin bieber -- >> no, these are single adults. >> i was trying to justify. i didn't know the words to "baby," as well. there you have it. those are the talkers for the day. >> for the very latest entertainment news, logon to you can also hear willow's song, will smith's daughter song. you might be curious what it sounds like. there are some things considered news in the world but some things in this time of the morning that make us say -- >> no way! >> a mother's love knows no species. emmy the cat took a squirrel into her loving litter and the little guy is doing just fine. oh, that was the squirrel purring, i'm told. the squirrel purrs like the cat.
11:40 am
the squirrel will likely never be able to make it on its own. the family who owns the cat and the squirrel say they're likely to keep the little squirrel as long as he wants to stay there. that is just the cutest thing, isn't it? well, a lost puppy heads home as a full-grown dog after going missing seven years ago. brad davis says his puppy, jake, was lost seven years ago in michigan. this week jake surfaced in kentucky. the dog warden was able to identify jake by a microchip that was implanted when jake was a pup. >> i just thought they had the wrong number and as soon as they said it was a microchip and i was like, oh, that's our dog. and seven years ago. just incredible. >> brad said he always held out hoping that he would find jake. he did not buy another dog until just a few months ago. seven years he waited and now he has jake back. that's why i believe in those microchip things.
11:41 am
i have one in my dog. the nfl returns to nbc. we'll go live to new orleans where the first game of the season will be played tonight. first, two women, two acid attacks and even more questions regarding these attacks. what police are saying, are they linked? is it a copy cat situation? we'll talk about it. boss: our breakout session is gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance
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♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪ the transportation department says the number of people dying on the nation's roads has fallen to its lowest level in six decades. traffic deaths dropped 9.7% last year to 33,000, about that number. that's the lowest number since 1950. the decrease is credited to seat belts, safer cars and stricter enforcement of drunk driving laws. and in today's true crime, a south florida man charged with attempted murder threat toons kill a judge when he found out he would not be released on bail in time for the jewish holiday.
11:45 am
>> after he screamed obscenities and threatened the judge's life. the judge revoked his bail completely. she was not too concerned for her safety because she was surrounded, as i am here, by security. the latest now on the investigation into two shocking attacks where the victims were disfigured by acid. the attacks happened in two different states, but days apart. derri velarde and bethany storro had cups of acid thrown in their face. both suffered severe burns and emotional trauma. police, though, say the cases are not related. michelle joins us live via skype. do they believe this is a copy cat situation? >> that is a possibility that they're looking into, tamron. that's something that the mesa
11:46 am
investigators told me just the other day, they do not think that, as you mention, that particular attack in arizona was random. they do believe it was intentional. but the attack in washington does appear to be intentional. >> how are these investigations going? i mean, especially when you think about it, just a random person walking up in these attacks and neelth eneither of victims, at least from what i'm reading, recognize the individuals. >> you're right. both of the victims. they say they told investigators that they did not know the women that came up to them. in the arizona attack, the woman was hispanic and then in the washington attack, the woman was described as an african-american women. i think you have both of the sketches there. so what investigators are asking is for anyone that has any kind of information, you know, if they saw anything in the area, anyone's acting kind of suspicious to just pick up the phone, to please give them a call. these attacks are just heinous and these women are suffering tremendously.
11:47 am
>> unimaginable. unimaginable. thank you very much, michelle, for the latest. we appreciate you joining us via skype there. breaking news. the ap is reporting that iran's culture minister said one of the three americans jailed for more than a year now will be released saturday. reporters were told by text message on thursday to come to the same hotel where the american parents were allowed to meet with the individuals that were being held, the hikers recently. right now we're waiting to get confirmation from our bureau chief in tehran. he's working to get some information on if this is actually happening and which of the three hikers will be released. so, we are working to get the latest information on this big story that so many of you have been engaged in and joining communities pleading for these three hikers to be released. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
11:48 am
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so our tweet of the day is
11:51 am
actually an e-mail from a friend who just sent this to me. the stage set up for dave matthews and stay taylor swift is huge. this ties into our next story, hours away from the kickoff of the nfl season tonight on nbc, the super bowl champs, new orleans saints take on minnesota. a rematch of last year's nfc championsh championship, which by know you know the vikings lost. we are joined from new orleans. are you near dave matthews or taylor swift? you're not near there, but i'm told, tom, because you're in front of the dome, that the stage nor concert is huge. >> well, they spent a lot of money, let's just say that, plain and simple. and it's in the french quarter in jackson square. and that whole historic area is blocked off for the day because of this concert, because of the parade launching from that area, as well. so there's a lot of excitement here. and the reason why is that, look, this is the first time that the saints are going to take the field as defending champions. and in more than 40 years, the city has been waiting for this, and for so long, the saints were
11:52 am
known as the ain'ts, and so now this is a time that the city can really celebrate their saints in true fashion. and there is a lot of focus and attention. and so right now the first lady, michelle obama, came here yesterday, and she joined up with the nfl to capitalize on all of the attention focused on here. and what they're trying to do is, they're trying to put more attention on active lifestyles for young kids and good nutrition. the first lady, as you probably know, has been a big advocate and is a big advocate for her "let's move" initiative, and that's basically to get kids to eat better and exercise regularly. and the nfl, for the past three years, has been launching and really trying to promote its "play 60" also in the same lines as the "let's move" initiative, in trying to get kids to be more active, as well. and so there is a lot of attention and focus now in trying to get kids, because of all this attention here to, get kids moving. >> let me ask you, tom. we were together for the fifth anniversary of katrina. i was staying down the street from the super bowl at the lowe's hotel, and they have a preseason game.
11:53 am
every person we passed on the street had a saints jersey on, including bruce carter, who works here and loves the saints. he had his jersey, and went to the game. what's the atmosphere like for this opener? because it was explosive for the preseason game. >> well, let's just say this. the tailgating started early. there are people in parking lots last night. and up on our right here, as you can probably see, the dome is now -- they're in the process of putting the finishing touches on this gold panelling. and there's a lot of excitement here. people are, you know -- let's just say this here. the city hall is closed today. and they're letting kids off school early. >> national holiday. >> that's how excited they are about this game. >> and they're still painting the dome, tom? because i was there, and they were painting it then. still working on it? >> yeah. there's going to be -- on the other side of the dome, facing the interstate, there's a little bit of work left to be done. but, you know, you remember the aerials that we saw five years ago from on top of the dome,
11:54 am
when there were so many people stranded here. this was a place of misery. and now look at it. it's shining, it's golden. and they're really, really prepared for the vikings. and you know, there is no love lost between these teams. because as you remember last year, the nfc championship, the saints beat the vikings and brett favre got hurt. there was some talk from the vikings camp that the saints were playing dirty and that's how favre got hurt. so the beef is going to cook, they say. >> this is going to be a very good game. all right, tom, thank you very much. it looks like a really nice day. i heard it was pretty humid out there, but the fans won't mind. thank you very much. and you can watch all the action tonight, live, from new orleans. the vikings versus the saints, 7:30 eastern time. favre versus the man they affectionately call breesus. >> that's basically what he is. and -- >> in that part of the country. that does it for me in this hour. you hear my friend contessa brewer. at 2:00 p.m., we'll asked if a
11:55 am
restaurant that's banned screaming kids has crossed the line. they say if your kid is screaming, you need to pack up. >> i don't mind that rule. >> i don't think that's right. come on, we were all screaming kids. but i'll let our audience decide. >> tamron, good to see you. at the top of the hour, the florida pastor's plans to burn korans on 9/11 sparking copy cats. they're burning flags in pakistan, calling for a burn the stars and stripes day. tom brady. how bad was this car crash? they had to use the jaws of life. and are your pants lying to you about how skinny you really are? the real deal, when it comes to women and what size our pants really are. great. be right back.
11:56 am
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( bells tolling ) ( all cheering ) ha ha ha! announcer: introducing the kohler karbon faucet. [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz. good thursday, everybody. i'm contessa brewer, covering
11:59 am
the big news coast to coast. and a battle over books is exploding across this nation about the islamic holy book in particular, and about the religion in general. a florida pastor planning to burn the koran is grabbing headlines and widespread condemnation. but his attention-grabbing stunt is already encouraging copy cats. for instance, a tennessee minister who no longer even has a congregation announced he's going to burn the koran in his home and put the video online. others following in the misguided footsteps. other preachers here are trying to coax the small-time preacher to stop the stunt. a group better known for praying about gasoline will pray at the pumps in washington, d.c. praying for jones to change his lined. they have reached out to terry jones, and the "washington post" reports, questioned him. what are you hearing from god that these people aren't hearing? the pastor reportedly replied he was praying about it. but at his news conference, jones-in' assisted it was indeed god's plan for him to burn the koran.


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